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BethAsh Shih Tzu

Puppy Contract and Guarantee

1. Puppies are sold as pets NOT to be used for breeding. AKC registration papers will be provided upon proof of Spay/Neuter from a licensed Veterinarian and 2 photos of the puppy’s belly and body. After 6 months no registration will be send.

2. For Puppy’s first year (up to 1 year of age) a Replacement Warranty is given for life threatening congenital disease limited to the heart, liver and kidneys. A notarized Veterinarian Report with findings stating, to a medical certainty death was caused from the prenatal state will be required. All vet bills are solely the buyers responsibility. Seller’s veterinarian must confirm and agree with the diagnosis. Warranty applies to the original buyer only, and is not transferable.

3. This contract does not cover hernias, uneven recognition, uneven bites, pinched nostril, undescended testicles, demodex mange, mites, ticks, heartworms, giardia, coccidiosis, ear mites, hypoglycemia or kennel cough which can be common in puppies shipped and usually caused by bacteria and stress.

4. We Do Not Guarantee Liver Problems due to the effect vaccines and flea and tick prevention can have on the liver. We Do Not Guarantee Against damage caused by hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) - You need to make sure the puppy is eating. Seller does not make any warranty in respect to color, coat, size, temperament, or ability to reproduce.

5. We will guarantees the puppy for 2 days from the date of sale against the following diseases: Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Corona Virus. In the event that any of the above-stated are diagnosed within the 2-day period, the seller is to be notified within 24 hours. A licensed veterinarian must verify the diagnosis with lab results and it must be provided to our vet within 2 business day after said diagnosis.

6. The puppy must not be taken out to public places until his/her shots are complete and they are fully vaccinated. Do not cause undue stress during transitioning. This includes over stimulation by children or other dogs. Puppy will be provided plenty of rest as well as adequate exercise in their new homes. Failure to abide by this could cause serious illness or death of the puppy and will make the contract null and void.

7. Buyer will not change food at least 4 weeks, doing so can cause your puppy to have an upset stomach.

8. Buyer agrees puppy will be kept inside their climate controlled home, provide proper nutrition, fresh water daily at all times, collar and leash when outdoors unless in secured fenced area and all Veterinary care needed for proper care for the dog. Small breed dogs can be susceptible to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and eat at least 3 times per day especially as puppies and/or while under stress whether by emotional, environmental or physical due to illness. It's Buyers responsibility to monitor daily food/water intake. The smaller the puppy/dog the more frequent they need to eat to maintain their energy and not be overtaxed by over-playing, exercising or other stresses on the dog. Buyer understands dogs this size cannot withstand the environmental extremes of heat or cold left outside or an indoor environment. 

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