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Welcome to my home on the web! I'm an Shih Tzu show breeder for over 17 years, located in Florida, US. I Specialize in showing and producing stunning show prospects and wonderful pet puppies. We have handpicked our adults to produce the best Shih Tzu. 

A professional dog breeder that carefully selects the ideal breeding bases on an excellent conformation, perfect health and line's temperament. We are driven by quality care and healthy lines. We always aim to have the best quality Shih Tzu to breed so we can offer you the best of the best in this pedigree. I do not sell pet puppies for breeding all my puppies come with AKC limited Registration.

I have fallen in love with the Shih Tzu breed. We have a wide variety of colors, including white and gold, white and black, solid gold with black mask and our gorgeous white and red, which is my personal favorite. Se habla Español.

* No photos may be copied or reproduced without our permission.

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