Beth Ash Shih Tzu

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Our Story

We are team of husband and wife that loves the breed.  Our son wanted a puppy and after looking around we fell in love with the Shih Tzu breed. I bought my first Shih Tzu in a pet store back in 2004. When a breed expert evaluated him we've discovered that he wasn't purebred.  I loved him but I still wanted a purebred so I went to another pet store and bought another one and the same thing has happened. 

6 weeks

12 weeks

That's when I've decided to do research about good lines and I found a breeder that had quality lines imported from Argentina named Li-o's. I fell in love with the show quality of his dogs and I've decided to buy my first good quality Shih Tzu that I named Diego Leu.

Always loved this shine and beautiful coat.

He likes surfing.

He has a beautiful red and white coat with an unique personality.

Diego Leu is 13 years old and still with us as our pet and the forever baby of our home. He was the foundation male of Beth Ash's Shih Tzu.